5 Tips How to Look Stylish Without Killing Yourself

fashionista in painNo doubt, keeping up with the latest fashion trends will make you look stylish. But they can also be hazardous. Those towering high heels and huge bags that promise to make a statement can also put your body through so much strain and pain that the chances of you getting injured is inevitable.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can still look trendy and stylish without having to subject your body through so much torture. Here are some tips on how to be fashionable without killing yourself.

1. Get Low

Those 3-inch heels were not called “killer heels” for nothing. Their thin soles demand that you put almost all of your weight onto the balls of your feet. That, plus the constant sliding of your feet inside your heels can easily cause you to develop painful blisters that make it very difficult to walk. Opt to go for some days wearing flats or wedges. They help distribute the weight around your feet more evenly and help get rid of the strain that builds up on your feet and knees from balancing on those high heels.

2. Pack Light

Another way to alleviate your body from strain and the risk of injury is by packing your bag lightly, even if they can hold a lot of stuff. Stuffing your large leather designer bags with everything but the kitchen sink can cause your shoulders to droop and you developing a bad posture which can lead to frequent shoulder and back pains. Pack only the essentials. Also, make it a point to shift your bag from one shoulder to another every now and then. This will help distribute the weight while you are walking.

3. Go for a Massage

Having a massage helps get ease those tight muscles on your legs, shoulders and arms brought about by the amount of strain they go through on a daily basis. Certain massage techniques also help you stretch your muscles and joints, relieving the pressure in these areas.

4. Sleep

At the end of a long day of strutting your stuff, your body needs time to heal and repair itself. The best time it does that is by sleeping. Prop your feet onto some pillows while sleeping. Elevating your feet can help relieve the pressure and tension in the muscles on your legs and ankles.

5. Consult a Doctor

If you have been suffering from chronic pain on certain parts of your body, make sure that you have this checked out. Your body sends out pain signals when there is something wrong with it. Besides, it’s better to be told by your doctor that nothing is wrong than to suffer the consequences later on.

Photo credits: Idhren from Flickr Creative Commons

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