Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli

TiropitaTucked away inside Alabang’s Westgate Center is Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli where you can experience more than just a cozy atmosphere and good Mediterranean food.

Compared to most restaurants in this area that are very visible, this one is very much out of the way; and unless you intentionally look for it, you are sure to miss this. My friend and I happened to chance upon this restaurant while taking a walk around the area thinking of where to eat, and decided to give this a try.

The decorations inside Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli gives you an atmosphere as if you have stepped into the dining room of someone’s home. The white and blue tablecloths and the yellow incandescent bulbs that lit up the place added a touch of softness to the otherwise dark wooden tables, chairs, and cabinets that accentuate their main dining hall.

Penne Arrabiatta

Penne Arrabiatta

Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli offers a wide selection of Italian, Greek, Turkish, French and Indian dishes. The selection of the Indian dishes came as a surprise for us since Indian food is not really considered as among those that you would consider as Mediterranean cuisine. They offer single (good for one person) and family (good for 2-3 people) portions.

For our appetizer, we chose to get the Tiropota (pictured above) which is essentially filo pastry stuffed with spinach. My friend chose to get the Penne Arrabiatta (penne pasta served with a spicy pomodoro sauce) while I chose to get their Risotto Al Fungi (Risotto rice served with shitake and button mushrooms and parmesan cheese).

The Tiropita arrived within minutes. It was served on a bed of green romaine lettuce with a simple vinaigrette dressing.  The stuffed filo pastry appetizer was light enough to stimulate your palate. However, the spinach and feta cheese stuffing was a little bit sparse, and it would have been a whole lot better had they added just a bit more into the filo pastry.

Our entrees were served immediately after we finished our appetizer. The serving sizes were big enough to satisfy a hungry customer, or split into two for those with smaller appetites. The sauce of my friend’s Penne Arrabiatta appeared to be a bit too thin for the type of pasta that was used, and my friend found it not as spicy as he had hoped. But when I took a bite of the pasta, the heat level was just right. It gave the dish a zing that was not too overpowering.

risotto with mushrooms

Risotto Al Fungi

The risotto dish I got was really rich and creamy. The shitake and button mushrooms gave the dish that added bite and helped cut the richness of the dish. My only disappointment was the choice of mushrooms that they used for the risotto, which are rather common types of mushrooms used in most restaurants. I would have loved to have tasted some wild mushrooms in here. It would have justified its price.

Overall, Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli is a great choice if you are looking for a place to eat and have a good conversation without having to worry about the crowd. To find this, simply go through the walkway in between Zong and Big Brother’s Burger. Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli will be on your right side.


Sophia’s Mediterranean Deli
Address: Westgate Center, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: 771-7717 / 8566-3255
Operating Hours: Daily from 10:00am to 3:00pm, and from 5:30pm-11:00pm



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