Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage

Facade of Nuat Thai BF HomesLast night, I headed out for my weekly massage. A friend of mine suggested to try out this massage place along Aguirre Avenue named Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage. I figured, why not? 

Since I found out that Nuat Thai is located right beside Serenitea, I decided to wait a bit until Serenitea was closed. At least, I wouldn’t have to worry about parking. As soon as I pulled up to the place, the first thing that I saw were the prices, which were pretty affordable compared to most other day spas and massage places along BF Homes. It was enough to convince me to go in and give it a try.

I do have to admit that my first impressions of the place wasn’t all that grand. It actually gave me the feeling that I was going to a clinic for a check up rather than getting a massage. The reception area inside was pretty basic. No fancy furnitures. Just a simple wooden bench were people can sit as they waited for their turn to get a massage, and the semi-circle reception table.

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage in BF Homes offers Thai foot, back, and full body massages. It is just one of their many branches. They have branches all across the Philippines. You can choose on how long you want it, which can be anywhere from a 30-minute foot massage to a 2 hour full body massage. They also do aromatherapy massage and Swedish massage.

Here are the rates that they charge for their services:

  • Foot Massage (30 Minutes) P100
  • Foot Massage (1 hour) P200
  • Whole Body Thai Massage (1 hour)   P200
  • Whole Body Thai Massage (2 hours) P400
  • Back, Head and Shoulder Massage (30 Minutes) P100
  • Back, Head and Shoulder Massage (1 hour) P200
  • Swedish Massage (1 hour) P350
  • Aromatherapy Massage (1 1/2 hour) P550
Only the Swedish and Aromatherapy massage use oil. But if you want, you can pay an additional P50 (about $1.15) to add a massage oil to your treatment.

I decided to go for the 1 hour full body massage and a 30 minute foot massage. I was then escorted to another common area where June, the massage therapist that attended to me, washed my feet in warm water. Afterwards, I was showed into one of their massage rooms, which was actually a small cubicle with thick curtains separating me from the other clients. I changed into the set of pajamas that they provided. I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by the funky smell of the pajama set they provided. A small inconvenience, I thought.

Unlike the Chinese reflexology I usually get from Ruyifang, there isn’t that much kneading and rubbing involved. Instead, June applied pressure on different parts of my body where the pressure points are. She applies pressure on a certain area for a few seconds before moving on to the next spot. During the course also of the massage, June guided me to do different stretching positions. The stretching was great and relaxing, especially the cobra position which helped stretch my entire back.

The foot massage was a bit different. Here, June used much more kneading and rubbing techniques as opposed to just poking or applying pressure. I was just about to fall asleep by this time, however, a group of rather noisy foreigners entered the massage room and jolted me back to reality.

At the end of my massage, June offered me some rice tea, which was a great way to end my massage (mainly because I was starting to feel cold with the settings of their air conditioning units. All in all, I paid P200 (about $4.61) for the full body massage and P100 (about $2.31) for the 30-minute foot massage. They also gave me a loyalty card that entitles the cardholder to 1 hour free massage after 10 hours worth of massage.

Despite the minor inconveniences I experienced, I would still recommend Nuat Thai BF Homes especially for those that want to get a massage on a budget.

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage
Address: 268 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque City
Telephone: 239-1017 / (0948) 206-0873 / (0932) 719-8764

8 Responses to Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage

  1. Jenn Ji Hyun says:

    Hi I would just like to ask, do they also accept male customers? I was just wondering since I intend to give a voucher from Nuat Thai as a gift to my husband. He’s into massages, not me.

    Thanks! =)

  2. Jenn Ji Hyun says:

    Thanks! Sure, I might be posting the experience one of these days. I bought one for myself too and it’s going to be my first =)

  3. Loi mas Pogi says:

    Hi just want to ask if they are open already around 1pm..thanks

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