First Impressions: Akakage Japanese Restaurant

It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow. And already she told me that we’re trying out a restaurant that just opened along BF Homes. It’s called Akakage Japanese Restaurant along J. Elizalde Street. She was so sweet to give me the flier that they’ve been distributing. Nice thing about it is that the flier has their menu printed at the back, so it gives you an idea of what to expect.

From what’s printed here on the flier, they serve popular Japanese food like donburis, tempura and sashimi as well as some Japanese fusion dishes. Some have rather intriguing names like Wild Maki, Crazy Roll, and Cobra Roll (hopefully, it’s just a name and no there are cobras in them). The prices look really affordable for a Japanese restaurant. Their sushi, sashimi, maki and temaki selection range from P80 (about $1.85) to P700 for the sushi boat (about $16.15). Their a la carte menu has items that range between P80 (about $1.85) to P240 (about $5.54).

They also provide delivery services. To avail of this, your order must total at least P300 (about $6.92) for them to deliver to your place. There is also an additional charge of P45 (about $1.04) which sounds a bit steep since many of the restaurants around here that require a minimum order amount do not charge a separate delivery fee. Hopefully, they would consider taking this out later on.

As to whether their serving portions are okay and how the food tastes, I would have to wait until tomorrow. So make sure that keep updated to learn more about this new restaurant.

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