Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology

At the end of a long, hectic week, there’s no better way to end this than treating yourself to a massage. And for me, one of the best places to go for a relaxing massage is at Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology.

Ruyifang Massage and ReflexologyLocated along Aguirre Avenue right across Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish Church, Ruyifang is a classy and cozy place that offers traditional Chinese reflexology massages and oil massages. Recently, they have added stone massage in their list of services, which I am definitely planning to try out soon.

Unlike most of the other day spas and massage places that line the main avenue of BF Homes, you get to enjoy your massage in rooms that are divided with real, cemented walls. Nothing at all like those cubicle-like rooms in most of the other massage places that I have been where the only thing that separates you from the other customers here is a thick, dark curtain. Most of the rooms here can accommodate two people at a time, but they also have larger rooms that can fit three people at a time—great if you are planning to unwind with your girl friends.

Each time that I would come here, I would always get their 75-minute shoulder and back massage, which is priced at P460 (about $10.57). It starts with a relaxing foot soak in warm water that is placed in a wooden bucket with bumps inside. While your feet are soaking, the therapist will massage your shoulders, arms, hands, and your entire back (from the base of your head all the way down to your hips) focusing on certain pressure points to get rid of those tight areas that accumulated in these areas.

Seat and bucket at Ruyifang

The big and comfy chair at Ruyifang

After that, you then shift into their large, extremely cushioned chair where you sit down as you they start on the foot reflexology part of the massage. As if their cushioned chair is not comfortable enough, they put a heated pillow right underneath your shoulders to help you relax even more. The therapist then focuses on the different areas of each foot that is crying out for some tender love and care with a combination of presses, strokes and a little bit of pounding. The best part of this is the fire cupping. A small glass cup is spritz with oil (I’m guessing on this part), and lit up. It is then placed right in the center of your foot and then moved all around for a few seconds before it is removed.

Massages are not the only things that you can enjoy here at Ruyifang. Other services offered include fire cupping (an ancient treatment that helps improve blood circulation) and ear candling (an alternative medicine practice that is believed to improve your health and well-being).

Service here is really quick and friendly. Every time that I would come here, I would be given a cup of hot tea while I wait for the room to be prepared, which doesn’t take longer than a few minutes. However, I would strongly suggest to call or text them before coming here especially during the weekends and evenings since they can get booked all the way up to closing time easily.

From their cozy, noise-free rooms to their friendly therapists and staff, Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology is definitely a winner in my list. Compared to the other massage places and day spas in BF, this is a little bit on the expensive side. But it’s definitely worth it.

Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology
Address: 294 Aguirre Avenue, Phase 3, BF Homes, Paranaque City
Operating Hours: Open daily 12:30pm until 3:00am
Telephone: (0917) 505-4816 / (0916) 575-5199
Website: (under construction)

One Response to Ruyifang Massage & Reflexology

  1. Marvin says:

    Experienced poor service here…
    1. What I notice was that customer service. No person in charge who can help with you concern if there are any…i encountered this once when i had complains with facilities (aircon not working) and the person there was not even apologizing even though they know the aircon was not working they placed us there anyways…also another time with another customer, she was compalining bec her skin got burned from a the cupping they use (foot massage), also nothing happened.

    Conclusion: everything is ok until something goes wrong. Dont expect a decent service.

    2. Inconsistent quality of massage. I’d say half the time the therapist are good and the other half just terrible ( as my wife says they are like robots who were programed to do routine massaging). it’s not authentic traditional massage for me. My personal thought is that they are not trained ( which i think is common in a lot of spa)

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